Russians are spending twice as much on online purchases abroad

In the first quarter of 2016, the volume of purchases of Russians in foreign online stores increased by 106% to 70 billion rubles (compared with the 1st quarter last year). This assessment may 17 led Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) in a joint report with the “Mail of Russia” and by the analytical company GfK. In absolute terms, the number of purchases has increased almost threefold, to 182% in January-March the number of “inbound international shipments with commodity investment reached 48 million units, estimated by AKITA.

The volume of purchases in the Russian Internet-stores in the reporting period grew by only 3%, the study said. Monetary value the authors of the report do not lead.

The activity of Russian buyers in foreign online stores has risen sharply in 2016, according to AKIT, in 2015 the volume of purchases of Russians in foreign online sites increased by only 5.1%, to 219,2 billion At the end of 2016, the Association expects a growth rate of 37%, more than 300 billion rubles.

The rapid growth in the volume of purchases abroad during the first quarter of AKITA explains “lower base” of the same period of 2015. Then, cross-border trade slowed growth due to the collapse of the ruble in late 2014. Prices in foreign stores have soared, while Russian retailers had raised them more smoothly through inventory generated on the “old course”, explained the report’s authors.

In the first quarter of 2016 AKITA recorded a drop in the average size of purchases of Russians in foreign online stores: the index fell by 32%, to 1.4 thousand RUB According to analysts of the Association, this is due to an increase in the share of small and cheap goods in the total volume of international shipments. The most popular groups of goods, which the Russians acquired in 2015 abroad, appliances and electronics (32.3%) and clothing (23,4%), results of AKIT according to J’son & Partners.

60% of purchases in foreign online stores cheaper than 22 Euro, said the Association. To such amount AKIT proposes to lower the threshold of duty-free trade in Russia. To date, the threshold duty-free import of parcels from online stores is set for 1 thousand Euro. According to the President of AKITA Alexei Fedorov, it “puts the Russian online retail business in a completely non-competitive position: market cross-border trade will grow small, medium, and Russian Internet retailing to die.” The position of AKITA’s support for the TCF in April 2016, the customs Department has sent to the Finance Ministry’s proposals on lowering the threshold duty-free, was reported by the head of the FCS Belyaninov Anton. As an example, he cited Belarus, where the threshold is set just at the level of 22 EUR.

The total volume of online sales in Russia by the end of 2016 will grow by 15% to 850 billion rubles predicted in AKITA. The share of purchases abroad will increase to 35% from 29% in 2015, when online trading was estimated AKIT 760 billion rubles.

Defenders retail

In AKITA has a number of large Russian retailers, including Internet-shops Ozon, Lamodа, retailers, Media Markt, re: Store, “220”, “M. Video”, “Svyaznoy”, “Sportmaster” etc. the Association has repeatedly taken initiatives to support Russian Internet-shops. In February 2016 AKIT proposed to oblige foreign shopping Internet sites — AliExpress, JD, eBay and others to pay taxes on the territory of Russia, primarily VAT. This initiative is discussed in the framework of the working group on the regulation of cross-border trade, which was created by the Kremlin administration for the execution of the orders of the President during the forum “the Internet economy in 2015.

Except AKIT Russian e-Commerce market estimates consultancy Data Insight. He predicted that in 2016 only the domestic market of online sales in Russia will grow by 20%, to 780 billion rubles, and the number of online purchases by 12%, to 180 million Data Insight in 2015 estimated the share of cross-border trade in 34% — however, the number of orders. Money purchases in foreign stores, according to analysts, the company in 2015 is only 20% vs 13% in 2014. the Entire market of online trading in Russia, according to estimates of Data Insight, in 2015 was estimated at 806 billion rubles.

Russian e-Commerce market has not yet exhausted reserves growth, said the President of AKITA Alexey Fedorov. “While the online segment is content with the modest figure of 4% of the entire domestic retail market. At the same time, for example, in the UK, online sales account for 12% of total sales retail. That is the Russian Internet market is still empty. It is still not came out with their huge budgets of major offline players such as X5, Magnit, Dixy, “Leroy Merlin”, he said.