Russian hockey players defeated Sweden and won second place in the group

The match against Sweden was supposed to answer the question of who will take second place in group A of world hockey championship in Moscow and St. Petersburg. A victory and a draw out of the Russians on the German national team in the quarterfinals, a defeat to Canada, who took second place in a parallel group.

Account 15 minutes after the start of the match was opened by Evgeny dadonov. His shot did not work, the puck flew past the target, but hit the leg of the Swedish goalkeeper and on an intricate trajectory has flown in gate. Less than three minutes later, another puck to Jakob Markstrom sent Artemiy Panarin.

Less than two minutes after the start of the second period, the Russians increased their lead to 3:0, this time scored by Pavel Datsyuk. Roman Lyubimov scored the fourth goal in gate of Swedes on the 10th minute of the second period.

In the third period, Sweden managed to score a goal by the efforts of Matthias Ekholm, but unfortunately the Scandinavians was not achieved.

In result the Russian team in the group stage scored 18 points and caught up on this indicator, the Czech Republic, but lost to the opponent first place by results of personal meeting.

In the framework of group tournament Russian national team has played seven matches. On the eve of the Russian team was the fifth victory in a row at the world championship, beating the Norwegians with the score 3:0. Goals scored Ivan Telegin, Artemiy Panarin and Roman Lyubimov.

After the starting defeat from Russia (0:3) the Russians consistently beat teams of Kazakhstan (6:4), Latvia (4:0), Denmark (10:1), Switzerland (5:1) and Norway (3:0).

In 2015, the Russian team defeated the Swedes in the quarterfinals with the score 5:3, and the championship 2014 teams met in the semifinals, the Russian team won with the score 3:1.