Putin offered to collect from the cinema 3-4 billion rubles for new movies

Tribute to the movie

The Ministry of culture has offered to film distributors impose a fee to support national cinema. On the initiative of Department Vladimir Medinsky wrote in a letter to Vladimir Putin presidential aide Andrei Belousov (the letter copy is available to RBC).

The Ministry of culture proposes to introduce the mechanism of deductions for those earning at the screenings. According to authorities, cinemas and distributors of movie” the fee should be set at 3% of the income for television broadcasters and online-cinemas — at the level of 0.5% of revenues. What is meant by income, the letter is not specified, but, judging by the numbers, we are talking about revenue: the Ministry of culture hopes that this measure will help to gather more annually 3-4 billion rubles for the development of Russian cinema.

Fundraiser the Agency proposes to assign to the cinema Fund, who is accountable to the government and is engaged in the distribution of government subsidies for the producers of the movie. For the Fund will be established performance indicators: for example, he will have to ensure the growth in the number of Russian films in distribution and their box office receipts from the show and to report on the growing number of spectators, Belousov describes the initiative of the Ministry of culture. It is expected that this measure will help to increase the share of viewers of the national cinema to 25% by 2018. From 2000 to 2015, this figure, according to the Ministry, has increased more than threefold from 5.4% to 18%.

Today, the Ministry of culture is spending money on the support film either directly or through the cinema Fund. In 2014, the costs of Department for film production and film support amounted to 6 billion rubles in 2015 and 5.4 billion rubles, for 2016 planned amount of 5.1 billion rubles. in addition, from the budget to Fund a movie in 2015 has received a grant of 3 billion rubles.

The government is yet to study the proposal of the Ministry of culture, says Beloussov: it is necessary to assess the impact of the imposed load” on those who would be charged. In particular, the Ministry of culture has estimated that the average ticket price in Russian cinemas, which now stands at 270 RUB, because the collection will grow by 8.1 RUB the results of the evaluation of proposals should be announced by July 1, 2016.

A source in the Ministry of culture confirmed RBC proposal of the Ministry. At the official request of the RSC, the Ministry has not responded yet.

Medina in February 2016 at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has proposed to impose “kingsboro” Russian TV channels. To do the allocations have “to specialized state funds dedicated to the support of cinema”, said the Minister. The specific parameters for fees he then failed, saying that he had discussed the idea with television executives.

The market reaction

Russian online movie theaters have negatively reacted to the proposal to introduce mandatory collection. From online services is already quite low profitability as the main income — more than 50% — goes to the majors, said a representative of one of the largest Russian online cinema.

General Director of online cinema Tvzavr.ru Marina Shurygina called the initiative of the Ministry of culture “absurd”. She recalled that online cinema and pay copyright holders royalty huge, while they themselves are not profitable. The Tvzavr.ru 55% of library of video — films produced in Russia. “Thus we support domestic producers,” says Shurygina.

The General Director of the cinema Megogo Victor Chekanov also noted that he was surprised by the initiative of the Ministry of culture. “It looks like an attempt to impose a fee the industry, which today already is the main driver of consumption growth movie, including Russian” — he said RBC. In Megogo Russian content is more than 50%. According to Chekanova, the proposal of the Ministry of culture is no transparent scheme of distribution of funds. “Just there is a statement: “I Want to collect 4 billion Already has some concrete projects for the money? They really cost that much? Where you can learn about them?” — surprised the head Megogo.

“Squeeze additional funds for national film production should not current a legal business, and from the pirate environment, maybe tens of millions of dollars”, — said in a conversation with RBC Alexey Bardin, Director General of the Association “Internet video”, uniting the largest players of the market of film distribution in the Internet.

The Ministry of communications discussed the proposals of the Ministry of culture with a number of channels that are sure that their implementation will have a negative impact on the film industry, told RBC Deputy Minister Alexei Volin. Channels attribute this to the fact that, if they begin to pay contributions, they will have to compensate for new expenses, so they cut costs on the purchase of Russian films and will try to compensate for the loss of commercial for more commercials, which will replace today’s promo Russian cinema, explains Volin. In addition, the channels don’t understand why, if the share of domestic cinema in the ether is “matter of interest”, and the main volume occupied by Russian TV shows, they must pay contributions on the movie, he adds. The Ministry of communications will prepare its position on the proposals of the Ministry of culture, after we finalize it with the channels and will receive feedback from online cinemas. “The initiative of the Ministry of culture can become deadly for the movie,” concluded Wolin.

Representatives “Gazprom-Media” and “STS Media” has refused comments. To contact representatives of other television channels and networks of film distribution at the time of publication of the material failed.

With the participation of Ivan Osipova and Svetlana Reiter