“Eurovision” has refused to revise the results of the contest

The representative of Ukraine Jamal, won the final of the 61-th international song contest “Eurovision 2016”

The answer the authors of the petition for reconsideration of the results of “Eurovision”, which won the Ukrainian singer Jamal, published on the official contest page in Facebook.

“Eurovision” is a contest. It can only be one winner. We understand that not everyone agrees with the results of the contest “Eurovision” this year, however, in competition where results are determined on the basis of subjective and often very individual opinions, there will always be people that will not agree”, — stated in the message.

A video in which it is reported that the results of “Eurovision” will not be revised, appeared also on the official website of the contest organizer, European broadcasting Union (EBU).

In a message on the page “Eurovision” indicates that the results will remain valid in accordance with the rules, which were known to all participants of the European broadcasting Union, performers and fans.

“Ukraine is and will remain the winner of “Eurovision” in 2016. Do you agree with this or not, we urge the signatories of the petition to accept the result of corresponding rules, and to continue a constructive dialogue on ways of further strengthening and improvement of “Eurovision”, — said in response to the authors of the petition.

The statement also emphasized that the winner was determined by music industry professionals and audiences whose voices affected the results equally. “The representative of Ukraine Jamal won with broad support from both the jury and the spectators”, — stated in the message.

“Australian DAMI Im won the jury vote, Russian Sergey Lazarev won the televoting. They both deserve praise for their excellent performances and great songs <…> They didn’t win the contest, but accepted the outcome as the winners. We respect and appreciate them for it”, — underlined in the message.

Victory in the final of “Eurovision”, which took place in Stockholm on 14 may, was won by the singer from Ukraine Jamal with a song “1944”, dedicated to the deportation of the Crimean Tatars. In second place was the singer from Australia DAMI Im. The winner of the audience voting Sergey Lazarev was the third. Danish competition jury after his graduation was admitted in error Jamal was awarded 12 points, which were intended to Them. However, even if this hadn’t happened, Ukrainian singer would have won.

Later on the website Change.org was published a petition for review of the results of the competition. The author of the petition was resident of Yerevan Artur Hovhannisyan. “We understand that the process of jury voting and televoting is difficult and emotional, but the number of people who have signed this appeal, shows that <…> “this year’s winner” the contest is not the one who really should have won”, — the statement says. The petition does not specify what the result of the competition, according to its ATOR, would be fair. As of 18:20 GMT 17 may their signatures to a petition delivered more than 300 thousand people.