Nintendo decided to make a movie about the heroes of their own video game

Figurine Mario center Nintendo in Tokyo

Japanese video game maker Nintendo Co. plans to go into filmmaking, said on Monday the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, citing company President Tatsumi Kimishima. The publication noted that over two or three years Nintendo can shoot 3D movies with cartoon characters of their games, including Mario from “Super Mario” and Link from “Legend of Zelda”.

Tatsumi Kimishima for its part the details are not revealed, but confirmed to the publication that Nintendo is looking for a partner for a full film production and is in talks with several studios. He stressed that in the process of working on the movie Nintendo intends to do as much as you can.”

We are talking about the fact that Nintendo won’t just give a license to use its characters of any third-party studios, and will provide funding and participate directly in the production process, making decisions, explained to The Wall Street Journal, the press-Secretary of Nintendo Makoto Vacua. For film production Nintendo plans to use part of the funds received from the sale of a majority stake in the American baseball club the Mariners, said a company representative. He didn’t specify which characters from Nintendo games can appear in the film.

In late April, the American division of Nintendo agreed to sell most of its stake in the Mariners, whose cost is estimated at $1.4 billion, the group of 17 minority shareholders of the club, wrote to the Seattle Times. Following the transaction, customers will have 90% of the Mariners, Nintendo, which controlled the club for 24 years, will be 10%.

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The company strives to make the independent film production business, says Asahi. Still producer video game took only an indirect part in the film business, giving the studios a license to use the characters in exchange for royalties. In particular, the Nintendo characters were used in the movie “Superbrute Mario”, released in 1993, and in the animated movies about “pokemon”.

Bloomberg notes that the decision of Nintendo movie business is not a surprise. The Agency notes that the company is struggling to keep up with changes in the gaming industry, but franchises featuring popular characters like “the Avengers” brings in the big bucks. Nintendo seven years fixes the reduction of income. According to the results ended in March quarter, the company reported a decrease in income by 8% compared to the same period of the previous year.