Police seized documents in the administration of the Khovansky cemetery

Police seized documents in the administration of Khovansky a cemetery in Moscow, where the day before there was a mass brawl, reported TASS a source in law enforcement bodies.

A spokesman said that the police had made seizure of documents, including concerning financial and economic activity of the facility. He added that Sunday in the cemetery during the day was carried out quickly-investigative actions, in which respondents were employees of the cemetery.

Earlier, the head of the Moscow Department of internal Affairs Anatoly Yakunin has disposed to check all 78 of the Moscow cemeteries. The inspection will address the violations in financial and economic activities and in migration law. In addition, will be checked around 30 companies, which are related to the field of funeral services.

A mass brawl, which was attended by several hundred people, took place on Khovansky a cemetery on Saturday, may 14. According to the interior Ministry, the majority of participants of the fight — natives of Central Asia and natives of the North Caucasus region.

The conflict has killed three people, injured 23. In police departments have delivered more than 100 rioters. The reason for the fight, according to employees of the cemetery, was the redistribution of spheres of influence. The source of “Interfax” reported that members of the ethnic groups wanted to impose workers “tribute”.

After the collision, was dismissed Director of the Khovansky cemetery.

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On Saturday, may 14, on Khovansky a cemetery there was a mass brawl with shooting, which was attended by several hundred people. The victims of the incident were at least three people…

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