In Charleroi, Belgium closed due to terror threats

Subway work in the Belgian town of Charleroi was suspended because of the threat of terrorist attack, people from the stations have been evacuated. This was reported by local police on his Twitter page.

According to the newspaper Le Soir metro stations were closed after the unknown on the phone said that on the fourth line of the underground is armed with a gun man, and the station Gazometre de Gilly is a bomb. The publication notes that the caller spoke with a North African accent.

According to police in Charleroi, a bomb threat was not confirmed, and to the point nastojashemu metro resumed work.

Charleroi is 50 km South of Brussels. The city is among the five largest in Belgium, its population exceeds 200 thousand people.

22 March 2016 in Brussels three explosions — two at the airport and another one in metro at the station “Maelbeek”. The responsibility for what happened assumed banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state”. As a result of terrorist attacks killed more than 30 people.