The pensioner opened fire at the village Council building in Rostov region

The ambulance

On the morning of Friday, may 13, in the building of administration of rural settlement Fedorovka Neklinovsky district of the Rostov region the man opened gun fire on the officers, reports “Interfax”. The result was wounded, Deputy head of the administration, who later died.

Another victim — the district Commissioner of police who first arrived on the scene. The attacker shot him during the arrest, said the official representative of the SU TFR in the Rostov region Galina Gagalaeva.

The gunman, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, twisted to witnesses. A local resident, born in 1949, who arrived at the administration building fedorovskogo selskogo poseleniya with a sawed-off shotgun. Work with the detained members of the police and of the SU TFR of Russia in the Rostov region.