Belarus refused to recognize the debt to “Gazprom” for gas supplies

Belarus has no debt to Russia for supplied natural gas, told reporters the head of the energy Ministry of Belarus Vladimir Potupchik, reports “Interfax”.

“There is no debt. Belarus pays in accordance with the intergovernmental agreements. Here the court will deal with this issue,” he said.

The official said that Moscow and Minsk have different interpretations of an intergovernmental agreement on gas. “The Russian side believes that there is a price “Yamal”. We believe that from January 1 need to act the market equal profit rates,” added Potupchik.

Energy Minister Alexander Novak, in turn, noted that Russia continues to insist on the presence of debt on the part of Minsk. Its size, according to the head of the Ministry, is more than $125 million in four months. “The figure is constantly changing, every day,” said Novak journalists.

In early may the company “Gazprom transgaz Belarus”, 100% of which belongs to “Gazprom” has addressed in arbitration court of Belarus. She complained of untimely and incomplete payment of gas, the Belarusian regional gas companies. It, as stated by Vice-Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko, is a gas, which was supplied in the period from 1 Jan.