Of the broadcaster TV 2 radio stations refused to renew the license

Roskomnadzor refused to renew the broadcasting license of the radio station “Europaplus Tomsk, which is part of the holding “Tomsk media group”. About it news Agency TV-2 was the Director of the leading broadcasting holdings “Media FM” Sergey Lapenkov (Agency and radio station are included in “Tomsk media group”) .

“The TV-2 was denied renewal of license for the frequency 103,4 MHz under the pretext of noncompliance with the media law (article 19.1). This is the article that provides for the restriction of media activities for citizens with dual citizenship”, — said Lapenkov.

According to him, none of the people who had relation to the documents for the license renewal, has dual nationality and assets abroad. Lapenkov assured that this also applies to editor-in-chief of TV-2 and Director of the holding “Tomsk Media Group” Viktor Muchnik.

“However, from the point of view of Roskomnadzor, this is an unproven fact. Despite the fact that a certified copy of a Russian passport is a sufficient basis for acceptance of documents from organizations for license renewal, we refuse. I can only say that I am not a person who has dual citizenship or has some assets outside the Russian Federation”, — said Lapenkov.

Lapenkov explained that the broadcasting of the radio station “Europaplus Tomsk” will continue on a different frequency, which now broadcasts radio “Sport FM”.

According to Muchnick, along with TV-2 extended licenses and other radio stations. However, according to him, none of them had any problems with Roskomnadzor “on the part of the wrong documents about the second citizenship of founders”. He believes that denial of license renewal due to the fact that the station is connected with the TV 2. Muchnik said that the decision of Roskomnadzor to be challenged in court.

As notes “Interfax”, the official review of the office yet. In Tomsk the term of the license for broadcasting on the frequency 103,4 MHz expires on 20 may.

In February last year, the TV-2 is completely stopped broadcasting in connection with the refusal of Roscomnadzor to renew his license. Now editions of the channel can be viewed only on the Internet. Muchnik said RBC that the reason to disable the broadcast was the inability to influence the editorial policy TV-2 of local authorities.