Medvedev tightened the requirements for banks when placing budget money

The Russian government has tightened requirements for banks when placing them in funds from the Federal budget, extrabudgetary funds, and public companies and corporations. The decision, the text of which is published on the government website, signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The document comes into force on July 1, 2016. He obliges banks in which state funds are to have a General license of the Central Bank and sets the minimum capital of the credit institution required to contain the state money. So, according to the resolution, the Bank in which state funds are placed should obladat not less than 25 billion rubles of equity capital.

In addition, the Bank must participate in the system of mandatory insurance of individuals ‘ deposits, and he should not be overdue debts on Bank deposits.

In addition, the ruling permits corporations to place funds in banks, if they have a direct or indirect participation of the Russian Federation or are involved in the system of capitalization through DIA.

According to the national rating Agency on March 1, 2016, a state-owned holding Bank accounts in order 670,5 billion rubles. According to the information portal “Banks.<url>” on March 1, the capital 123rd shape exceeds RUB 25 billion in 44 Russian banks. 27 of them are accredited by the ASV for obtaining state support.