Timchenko called for a serious analysis of the issue of liberalization of gas exports

Co-owner of “NOVATEK” Gennady Timchenko believes that the issue of liberalization of gas exports requires serious analysis, reports TASS.

“Who is going to refuse to supply gas for export, and is much more expensive than on the domestic market, right? All are interested, but it’s not the fact that we must demand it today. You need to very seriously weigh our balance sheets, “Gazprom”, its infrastructure, how it all works. Tough question. It must not be dealt so — “we want, let us export. Not the way it works in our country”, — Timchenko said on Tuesday, may 19, reporters.

The question is whether the management of NOVATEK’s negotiations with “Gazprom” on this question, the businessman replied: “I am co-owner of the company, all questions to [the CEO of NOVATEK Leonid] Mikhelson”.