Putin vs Rothenberg: photos from the match Night hockey League

Maxim Serov, the goalkeeper of the national team of Night hockey League, repulsed several powerful shots of Putin during the third period. In addition, Serov did not give the President to implement the bullet. About the goalkeeper on the official website there is no information.

Goalkeeper stars Alex Dyumin and striker Sergei Shoigu. Earlier both worked together. In January 2016 Dyumin held the post of Deputy defense Minister, but soon left to a different sphere. Now the goalkeeper of NHL is temporarily acting Governor of the Tula region. And Dyumin, and Shoigu had a great game. The first made several spectacular saves and did not allow the enemy to implement the bullet, the second – scored two goals and effective transfer.

One of the scoring chances in the performance of Vladimir Putin. During the match there were many, but not all the President had decided on their own – often Putin gave a pass in the second tempo, clubhead forwards on his team. As a result, the asset at 11 rooms two assists.

Putin accelerates attack.

The captain of the team stars of the Night hockey League with the Cup. The Cup for the victory in a gala match after meeting the President presented the coach of the team, President of the NHL, Aleksandr Yakushev.