Movie Studio Mikhalkov won a contest for the state for the third time in a row

Director Nikita Mikhalkov

The film Foundation has chosen 15 films Russian film companies-leaders who will receive financial support from the state in 2016. This is stated in the message on the Foundation’s website, since 2010, distributing subsidies and subordinate to the government.

The total amount of subsidies that will be distributed to the selected companies on an irrevocable basis in 2016, is 1.8 billion rubles, follows from the Fund agreement with the Ministry of culture of Russia.

Just participated in the selection of 20 projects from eight companies. Among selected for funding films — a film about the Soviet national team in basketball at the Olympics 1972 “upward Movement”, “Studio trite Nikita Mikhalkov”, fantastic drama directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Attraction” (the company “Art pikchers Studio”), and two of the cartoon “Three heroes and Sea knight” and “Buck” (both produced by the STV film company). In addition, the list includes two comedies, both produced by the Studio Bazelevs — “Christmas Tree 5” Director Timur Bekmambetov and “Kebabs” Żory Gooseberry family.

Three of the 15 projects, the cinema Fund selects for the third year in a row: it’s “moving up”, “Kolovrat” and “Salyut-7”, which appeared in the lists to receive support in 2014 and 2015. Another four films — “Gravity”, “Beech”, “Three heroes and the Sea king” and “Aladdin” (previous version name is “Hodge — owner of the East”) — fall into the list a second time.

Most of the projects selected for funding in 2016, turned the company STV — she will receive subsidies for the production of four paintings (“Salyut-7”, “Three heroes and the king of the Sea”, “BEECH” and “SKIF”). Also, the cinema Fund has chosen three projects Enjoy Movies (“the Defenders”, “Temporary difficulties” and “Aladdin”), two films “Tsentral partnership” (“Nevsky Pyatachok”, “Kolovrat”) and Bazelevs. Four more studios will receive subsidies for a single project: in addition to “Gravity” and “move up”, this “Union of salvation” (the company “Direktsiya Kino”) and “Ninth” (“Non-Stop Prodakshn”).

Of those paintings, on the budget for which data are available, the most expensive is “Kolovrat”: according to the “Bulletin of film distributors”, its production is estimated at 500 million rubles. in the Film “Salyut 7” will cost the creators of 440 million rubles, the budget of “Gravity” will amount to 380 million rubles, “SKIF” — 150 million rubles.