The US announced the reduction of tension in Syria’s Aleppo

The agreement on cessation of hostilities in the Syrian province of Aleppo have helped to reduce tensions in the region, however, there is still observed violations of the ceasefire. The journalists said the representative of the White house, George Ernest, reports Reuters.

“We have seen a reduction in the frequency and intensity of violence in this region of the country. However, we are still concerned about some violations, even in this area, which continue to have a place to be,” said Ernest. He explained that there are other regions in Syria, where the United States still do not see the “strong commitment” of the parties to the truce.

On the eve of Russia and the United States agreed to extend the cease-fire in Syria and Aleppo. In a statement, U.S. Department of State noted that Moscow and Washington will coordinate efforts to monitor compliance with this agreement. It was said that Russia should step up pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to implement the terms of the truce, while the us side needs to negotiate with the Syrian opposition forces.

30 April in some parts of Syria was imposed “silent mode”. Within 24 hours he was operating in Damascus and its suburbs and within 72 hours in Latakia. Later the ceasefire on the territory of Damascus was extended for a day — 0:00 on 1 may. While at Aleppo, who in the last few days have been attacked, “silent mode” did not apply. The defense Ministry clarified that at the time of the “regime of silence” prohibited conduct of hostilities and the use of all types of weapons.

From February 27 in Syria, the cease-fire that was achieved with the participation of Moscow and Washington. The truce does not apply to organizations recognized by the UN security Council as terrorist.