The Pentagon has concluded a contract for the supply of 13 fighter F-35s for $1.3 billion

The Pentagon signed with Lockheed Martin a contract for $1.3 billion for the supply of 13 fighter F-35s, according to Defense News.

The agreement provides for delivery of six F-35Bs for the marine corps, three F-35As for the air force and four F-35Cs for the Navy. The contract must be completed by December 2019.

At present, the company Lockheed expects to complete negotiations on the supply of the 9th and 10th batch of F-35s, totaling about $16 billion, head of the Joint Program Office (located in the Space division of systems command Military-air forces of the USA) Lieutenant General Christopher Bogdan told reporters that he expects to finalize the contract for the 9th batch of F-35s by the end of March, and on the 10th the party — a few months later. However, as negotiations are still ongoing.