In Russia withdraw 177 Jaguar XF and XE

The Russian office of Jaguar Land Rover announced a voluntary recall of 177 Jaguar XF and Jaguar XE, according to the website of Rosstandart.

To be sold from July 17, 2015 to present with the VIN-codes according to the application. The reason for the revocation is a possibility disconnect the “engine compartment fuel feed line low pressure fuel filter”.

When disconnecting the hose may occur off of the engine, and a fuel leak can cause fuel odor in the engine compartment of the vehicle, specify in the office. Under a revocable company cars will check for the presence of a hold down spring on the quick release connection fuel tubing”, and, if necessary, all faults will be eliminated.

Owners subject to the recall of cars will be notified to revoke the authorized dealer of LLC “Jaguar land Rover”. Car owners can see whether their car under this program, matching VIN number of their car with the supplied on the website of Rosstandart list.

In mid-April, the Volkswagen representative office in Russia has announced the withdrawal of 44 thousand cars Touareg. The reason the car has a risk of weakening the fixation of the retaining ring on the supporting bracket foot controls of machinery.