Twitter shares fell to the lowest level in the history of trading

The company’s shares of Twitter on Tuesday, may 3, fell sharply in trading on the new York stock exchange. Their value fell by 3% to $13,9 per unit, transmits Bi-bi-si.

This is the minimum price, which dropped the company’s stock since November 2013, when the papers were posted on the Twitter exchange. According to the experts, only this year, Twitter shares fell by 39%, and overall in the history of the company — more than 65%.

Edition of the Street notes that investors were disappointed by the statement of financial performance of the company and data on the number of users of the social network.

In late April the company published the reporting under which revenues for the first quarter of 2016 increased by 36%, to $594,5 million, This indicator has not justified expectations of analysts, who had forecast revenue of $607,8 million the company Forecast revenue for the second quarter, from $590 million to $610 million Is also not consistent with the predictions of analysts, who, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters on average expect revenue of $million 677,57 Then, on 27 April, Twitter shares fell 13%.