“Night wolves” managed to get into the EU bypassing the territory of Poland

Russian biker club “Night wolves” who commit a rally “Roads of Victory at Berlin, but are unable to pass through the territory of Poland, arrived in Europe. This was stated on Monday by TASS , the head of the path of Andrew Bobrowski.

“Night wolves” broke in Europe. We are located in Slovakia on Tuesday and travel to Brno to connect with a group that has managed to travel the route in Poland”, said Bobrovsky.

He did not disclose how bikers managed to get into the EU, bypassing Polish territory. “It’s a secret,” said Bobrovsky.

According to him, currently the convoy includes about 20 people, but in the coming days, their ranks will be replenished with new participants. As expected, the time of arrival in Berlin the number of bikers in the ride will reach several hundred.