In Odessa in memory of those killed on may 2 detained 40 people

In Odessa in memory of those killed on may 2, 2014 arrested 40 people. About it reported in a press-service of the regional Department of the National police of Ukraine.

The Ministry said that the detainees were part of the brass knuckles and nunchucks, and one man was removed a smoke grenade.

In turn, the head of national police Khatia Dekanoidze said that the police controls the situation in Odessa. He said that to ensure public order in the city has 3,5 thousand militiamen.

2 may 2014 Odessa clashes between supporters of federalism and supporters of centralization, killing 48 people. The investigation into their deaths is not yet complete.

In the city today held a mourning rally. For a short time before the police found on the Kulikovo field pack grenades.