The police reported about 100 thousand participants in the may day procession in Moscow

Participants may day demonstration on red square in Moscow

According to the results of GU MVD in Moscow in the may day demonstration on red square attended by 100 thousand people. Addressing the participants of the March, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that gathered in red square Muscovites came to the demonstration “with the mood to win”, reports the Agency “Moscow”. He expressed confidence that Moscow will go through all difficult moments, all the crises and come out a winner.”

The official slogan of the March was the call “No to higher taxes and prices! Yes – the growth of wages and pensions!”. In addition, participants recommended that such taglines as “When we are United, we are invincible”, “Social guarantees for workers, not financiers, “Is the inflation – should be indexing”.

The head of the Federation of independent trade unions Mikhail Shmakov said earlier TASS news Agency that the coincidence of Day of spring and labour and the Orthodox Easter in 2016 should not be a hindrance for the morning processions as festive events “for reasons that you posted”.

In 2015 in the may day March was attended, according to official data, about 140 thousand people. Then Sobyanin, also head of the column, called “growing old tradition coming on may 1 for a demonstration.”

Last year the may day March in Moscow was accompanied by rainy weather. This year the authorities decided to disperse on may 1 clouds, having spent almost 86 million rubles.

In some regions of Russia this year, local authorities have decided to refuse carrying out of official actions devoted on may 1. In particular, the Crimean authorities have declared that do not plan any demonstrations, explaining that the celebration of Easter and the desire to give people a rest after a night service.