Zuckerberg has a fortune of $4.3 billion over two hours

The founder of social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg

As the founder and CEO of the world’s largest social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg for the first two hours of trading at the opening of the NASDAQ on Thursday, 28 April, rose to $4.3 billion, follows from the data of the global online ranking of billionaires according to Forbes magazine. After closing the main trading session of the NASDAQ reporting on the eve of the publication was evaluated as the entrepreneur of $47.5 billion, as of 18:30 GMT (trades on the NASDAQ commenced at 16:30 GMT), this figure rose to $51.8 billion Due to the $4.3 billion Zuckerberg climbed to fifth place in the online ranking and bypassed the software of the founder of Oracle Corporation Larry Ellison.

The growth of the state has contributed to the successful reporting of the social network for the first quarter of 2016: April 27, the company announced that net profit in the reporting period year-on-year nearly tripled, to $1.5 billion, revenue — by 57%, to $5.2 billion, and the number of active users in a month — on 15%, to 1.65 billion people.

The value of shares of Facebook rose more than 9% even during sdelok after the close of the primary trading session immediately after the publication of the reporting (closing on 27 April, the share of Facebook was worth $108,9). Auction April 28, confirmed investors ‘ optimism: for the first two hours after the start of the trading session the quotations have grown almost on 10% (up to $119.5 per share). Capitalization of Facebook during the same period increased by more than $30 billion to $347 billion.

Zuckerberg owns about 15% of the share capital Facebook. However, he is in agreement with the other partners retains voting control in the company (about 54% of the vote). In statements on 27 April, the social network announced the release of a new class of shares — class C — no voting rights. Each of the holders of shares of class A and class B will receive two shares of class C on every paper belonging to him as dividends. Thus, the social network will retain the structure of the share capital, but will give Him the opportunity to dispose of their package without the risk of erosion of the status of the controlling voting shareholder. The founder of the social network previously announced the intention to transfer to charity 99% owned by him and his wife Priscilla Chan of Facebook securities.

According to the Agency Bloomberg, the wall street praised the results of the social network in the first quarter of the year. So, analysts Deutsche Bank AG raised its forecast for target value of shares of Facebook from $145 to $160, and analysts at Citigroup Inc. — from $133 to $144.