The Russian defense Ministry has denied involvement in the attacks on the hospital in Aleppo

The Russian defense Ministry has denied the involvement of the aerospace forces to airstrikes on a hospital in Aleppo. As said Agency spokesman Igor Konashenkov, in the last few days of the Russian aseasily not performed flights near Aleppo.

“According to our data, the evening of 27 April in the airspace over Aleppo for the first time after a long break, worked the plane one of the countries of the so-called “antiepilepsy” coalition” — quoted Konashenkov TASS.

About abiadura of the hospital in Aleppo on the afternoon of 28 April reported Reuters with reference to data of the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights. Human rights activists otvergali that killed at least 27 people, including three children and the last pediatrician in the city.

Later on the website of “Doctors without borders” do you have any additional information that the attack was inflicted on the night of Thursday in the hospital of al-Quds, which is supported by the organization. In addition, bi-Bi-si referring to local mass-media reported that an airstrike struck a Syrian or Russian forces.

The wound the army of the Arab Republic of his involvement in the shelling of the hospital has denied.

From February 27, in Syria a formal ceasefire. In line with the agreements previously entered into Russia and the United States, it is not rasprostranyaetsya on strikes aimed at terrorists.