The lawyer admitted the extradition of Savchenko to Ukraine by the end of summer

Procedure of an extradition of Savchenko to Ukraine could be completed by the end of summer. The journalists in Astrakhan, said her lawyer Nikolai Polozov, reports TASS.

“Tomorrow I will arrive to Rostov, go to her, we all will write, give up. We hope that the procedure will be accelerated, the whole procedure takes at least six months in normal mode. But I guess if it’s faster, everything will be resolved before the end of the summer,” said the lawyer.

Polozov said that, under the Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons, the Ministry of justice of the requesting party to the requested party sends a package of documents, reports “Interfax”. The requested party, in turn, is obliged to find out from the extradited individuals according to whether it is to go and threatens him if anything in this country. To fill out the paperwork for the convicted person should be on their own.

Polozov said that Savchenko received a standard package of documents envisaged by the Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons for the extradition of a person to another party to serve the sentence. The lawyer explained that after the signing of the documents are sent to the Ministry of justice, and then — to the court at the place of punishment (in Novocherkassk). In addition, the Russian side should receive from Ukraine, the recognition of the judgment, quoted a lawyer TASS.

“Also we should not forget that in the political sense — is a kind of exchange. And the verdict on [Eugene] and Erofeev [Alexander] Alexandrov [prisoners in Ukraine, the Russians] have not yet entered into force. It takes effect only on may 25. And it is the same procedure should go,” said Polozov.

On the eve of another lawyer Savchenko mark Feigin said that the procedure for extradition of Savchenko to the Ukrainian side began. He explained that a statement of consent for issuance sentenced to serve their sentence in Ukraine transferred to the Ministry of justice of Ukraine. 27 APR Savchenko, according to her sister Faith, have received the appropriate documents for the issue on the issue.

On March 22, a Russian court sentence Nadiya Savchenko to 22 years in prison for the murder of journalists VGTRK in the Donbass. After this transfer Savchenko Kiev asked the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, proposing to exchange it for the two Russians. Earlier, the Ukrainian leader said that Savchenko can return home within a few weeks.

Previously RBC became known that Russia and Ukraine have agreed about the mechanism of release of Savchenko and Erofeeva and Alexandrov, which Kiev court sentenced to 14 years in prison. The algorithm prepology their simultaneous transfer to their homeland until the end of may.