Russia’s largest factory for the production of eggs was accused of inflating prices

Poultry farm “sinyavinskaya” unreasonably inflated prices for its products since November 2014 to December 2015. The corresponding decision was made the Commission of the Federal Antimonopoly service in the Leningrad region, reported on the Agency’s website.

In Antimonopoly service in the spring of 2015 asked a trading network “the Crossroads”. She complained of inflated wholesale prices when you purchase eggs from factory. “This supplier is the largest in the region, and to refuse his services was very problematic. Therefore, a trade network was forced to sell the products supplied not only without any extra charge, but sometimes at a loss. Otherwise, consumers simply ceased to buy an egg,” — said the FAS. This is now “sinyavinskaya” has ceased to be the main supplier of “Crossroads”, the retailer now conducts the purchase of eggs at auction.

The Committee of the Department found that “sinyavinskaya” is a “significant share of the market for the production of chicken eggs” in the region and brought an action against her antitrust case under paragraph 1 part 1 article 10 of the Law on protection of competition (monopoly high price). It issued an order to eliminate violations. The case materials will be handed over to an officer for consideration of a question on excitation of administrative manufacture under article 14.31 of the administrative code (abuse of a dominant position in the market).

During verification of documents of the enterprise, the FAS has faced attempts “to evade providing information. For this, the factory imposed an administrative fine in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. “a clear explanation” the antitrust agencies had failed to obtain from representatives of the company and at meetings of the Commission. “So, for example, in the penultimate meeting, the representative of the poultry farm could not comment on interview with the Director of the agro-industrial complex Oleg Melnikov regional media about the prospects of the rising cost of eggs up to 180 rubles. per dozen,” — said the FAS.

Factory will appeal the decision of the Ministry, told “Vedomosti” legal counsel “Sinyavinskaya” Alexei Savkin. He noted that examination did not fully reflect the picture, and the company plans to attract more kvalifitsirovannyi experts. According to him, the price increase impact as the rising cost of eggs and higher prices for marketing services from the “Crossroads”.

Poultry farm “sinyavinskaya”, according to the Agency Agrifood Strategies, is the largest egg producers in Russia. It occupies a market share of 4%. The company website States that it is “the largest producer of table eggs in Europe.”