The police of new York conducted the largest operation in the history of the city

Police car in new York, March 2016

In new York arrested 120 people, which, according to the police, are members of gangs “spreading chaos” on the streets for many years. It on a press-conferences were declared by the us attorney for the southern district of new York preet Bharara, according to CBS.

The RAID came early in the morning, was attended by hundreds of law enforcement officers — according to the New York Post, we are talking about approximately a thousand people from the police, the Department of homeland security, the Department for combating narcotics, U.S. marshals and other agencies. They also used helicopters and armored vehicles to surround the suspects. Authorities believe the operation the largest in the city’s history, writes New York Times.

It is about two gangs — Big Money Bosses and 2Fly YGz. According to Barry, many years they “have sown chaos” in the streets of the Bronx, “committing countless acts of violence against rival gang members, and against innocent people.” Thanks to the police action, he said, the people of new York can live as they deserve: a life free from drugs, weapons, and gangsterism”.

The feud between the factions goes with 2007. “If you were at the wrong place at the wrong time, you could shoot, you could attack with a knife, could even kill,” said the Prosecutor. Conflict of gangs has also resulted in beatings and robberies, he said.

According to the police, and 2Fly, and Big Money Bosses were engaged in selling drugs and pills, only available by prescription. She also kept the weapons or in playgrounds, or in cars and abandoned houses near the places where they sold drugs.