The Pentagon called the amount destroyed in the “Bank” in Mosul, the ISIS money

During air strikes on storage of money, “Islamic state” (ISIS banned in Russia) in the Iraqi city of Mosul have been destroyed, according to various estimates, $300-800 million this was stated at a briefing on Tuesday, April 26, Deputy commander of the operations against ISIS, major General, U.S. air force Peter Gersten.

“I heard about figures anywhere between $300 million and $800 million Center somewhere around $500 million,” the General said Gersten.

In January, the Pentagon announced that the us air force two bombs destroyed the building in Mosul, which has kept the money supply to ISIS. Source CNN in Washington could not say exactly how much money was in the vault, but said that “we are talking about millions”.

Later the “Islamic state” published a video which allegedly captured the vault with the money militants in Mosul after the airstrikes, the U.S. air force. The video shows chunks of concrete and rubble from various buildings. On the record also shows, as rescuers pull from the rubble, bloodied body, has transferred Reuters.