Roskomnadzor urged to engage in the regulation of mobile Internet

Roskomnadzor made for a special regulation of the mobile Internet segment. This was stated by the head of Department Alexander Zharov at the safe Internet Forum in Moscow, reports “Interfax”.

“The wide spread of mobile devices requires the formation of common rules of use of mobile operating systems, — said Zharov. And mobile applications should be approached [with the requirements], how to sites”.

Speaking of mobile Internet, Zharov also noted that the prevalence of this segment is growing, and people leave there is a lot of information about themselves. The head of Roskomnadzor said that this information “many may use, including large international companies as well as cyber criminals.

In addition, Zharov noted that the regulation requires the use of Russia’s technology encrypt the traffic, the share of which in the Internet reaches 30%.

Another area mentioned by Zharov, — “big data” (BigData). “Personal data — part “big data”, which is already handled by international corporations, — said the head of Roskomnadzor. — I think that without a legislative regulation in this area in the coming years will not do”.

19 April, as he wrote RBC, Zharov said that the national anti-terrorist Committee of Russia (NAC) has established a working group to discuss regulatory issues of encrypted traffic.

Encryption technology data model end to end involves the transmission of data from one wireless device to another in which have access only to the sender and the recipient. Technology for several years uses the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov, in April it started to use WhatsApp and Viber.

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