Putin urged to respond to the sloppiness in the space industry

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting on the development of the Amur region

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the failure of the launch from the cosmodrome “East”. According to him, it is not associated with status of the spaceport, and with the very complex design. The President’s statement was made at a meeting of the state Commission.

The head of state drew attention to the “large number of failures”, which take place in the missile industry. “Russia remains leader in the number of launches is good, but what we are faced with a lot of failures — it’s bad and needs to be timely reaction”, — quotes the words of Putin TASS.

He noted that with the development of new technology possible failures, and “it’s natural”. “But we need to support people who encounter them” — he said, promising that “such support will”.

“If it [the failures] is due to sloppiness, lack of control over important processes, I want to understand, to see how goes the debriefing in such cases”, — Putin said, stressing the need “to draw conclusions”.

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