Medinsky spoke about the consultations with Roldugina on personnel issues

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky in an interview with TASS said that consults with a Russian cellist, head of the St Petersburg House of music Sergei Roldugin before making important personnel decisions in the music industry.

“Generally I try to pre-interview industry leaders to prevent the error. Roldugin ─ one of those who asked for advice”, — explained Medinsky.

Medina said that he could not be called a close acquaintance with Roldugina. According to him, Roldugin does a lot for the search and “cultivation” of young talents and is implementing a joint project of the Ministry of culture in this area. In addition, the Russian cellist, according to the Minister, oversees the music program in the Sochi school “Sirius”.

In early April, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the media forum of the Russian popular front said that Sergei Roldugin was a minority shareholder in one of our companies”. “Almost all the money he (Roldugin) spent on the purchase of musical instruments abroad and brought them to Russia, passing in the property of state institutions”, — said Putin.

He commented on the materials of the offshore companies of the International consortium of investigative journalism (ICIJ) and the Centre for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP). In the investigation, in particular, it was argued that offshore company, the owner of which was Roldugin, allegedly received large sums of money and distributed them among other companies for various needs.