“VKontakte” launched the first app with legal music

The largest Russian social network “Vkontakte” launched the first app with legal music for mobile devices iOS is Apple’s “Music Vkontakte”. The service appeared in the app store AppStore on April 22, reported “Vedomosti”. The Creator of the app — LLC “United media Agency” (United Music Agency, UMA), which deals with the legalization of music for the Internet-holding Mail.Ru Group.

The service can be accessed through the account “Vkontakte”. In the future, the music will be paid, but so far in terms of application there is no information on the cost of the subscription. “Music for Vkontakte” offers “Basic” rate which allows you to listen to music for free for 90 days and download songs for a total duration of 60 minutes to listen to music without Internet access. Upon expiration of the subscription period, this feature will become unavailable.

The source of “Vedomosti” in the media company said that the cost of the service will be “the market average”. The subscription Music service Apple is 169 rubles. per month (after a three-month trial-period), on Google Play Music — 159 rubles a month. Close to shareholders of “Vkontakte” the man told the publication that the subscription price for the application of the social network will be “significantly lower”.

“This is one of the experiments in testing models of the music service “Vkontakte” launched by our partners from UMA”, — told RBC representative of the social network Yevhen Krasnikov.

At the moment, “Vkontakte” have signed cooperation agreements with almost all major international and domestic copyright holders: Sony Music and Warner Music, which since the spring of 2014 demanded from “Vkontakte” more than 35 million rubles compensation for pirated music, as well as the First musical publishing house (WDI), studios Soyuz and Nikitin.

Agreement that “Vkontakte” signed with the rights holders, provide that Mail.Ru Group will pay for music playback — minimum payments only Warner Music $2.5–3 million a year, reported Vedomosti. The contract with the MIT, which owns about a quarter of the Russian music market was estimated at $2 million.

The last major owner with whom negotiations are not yet completed “Vkontakte” remains Universal Music. As noted by “Vedomosti”, some song rights are owned by Universal, is already available in the app in the “Music folders” — for example, the composition of the group Nirvana and Lady Gaga. In the near future this content needs to be removed from the service, told the publication close to Universal source.

The source of RBC in Mail.Ru Group names published in the AppStore the app “crude” and said that the team of “Vkontakte” will be either to finish it “to mind”, or submit your own application after the agreements will be signed with all owners. Furthermore, this “message to the majors” (music copyright holders. — RBC), that “things get done”, that is “Vkontakte” is ready to launch paid service for legally listening to music on mobile devices, says the interlocutor of RBC.

According to sources, “Vedomosti”, a total of Mail.Ru Group will pay copyright holders for the music of at least $10 million a year. In addition, the group will share revenues from paid subscriptions for music and advertising within the services.