Venezuela proposed to invite the participants of the meeting in Doha for a summit of OPEC

Venezuela proposed to invite to the June summit of representatives of OPEC member countries meeting in Doha that are not members of the oil cartel.

As reported by Reuters, the oil Minister of Venezuela, Eulochio del Pino sent a letter to the Minister of energy of Qatar, who is now the President of OPEC. In the message, del Pino suggested to invite to the June summit in Vienna of representatives of countries outside the cartel to continue the dialogue started in Doha in mid-April.

According to the representative of South America, countries that are not members of OPEC, could participate in the meeting in Vienna as observers.

On 20 April the Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak said that in the future consultations for the freezing of production makes no sense, while the OPEC countries do not agree among themselves. According to him, should not happen that 18 countries are coming to the signing of the document, and then they discuss the need to participate in the meeting of a number of States, as happened in Doha. While Novak did not exclude that by June an agreement to freeze production will no longer be relevant.

Novak thus commented on the statement by the Deputy Minister of oil Fayyad al-NIMA, which reported that a new meeting of OPEC members and other oil producers may be held in Russia in may.

Question about the freezing of oil production with the participation of representatives of the OPEC and not the organization member countries, was discussed on 18 April in Doha. In the initial draft agreement which was read the media, it was proposed to freeze production at the January level until October 2016. However, the negotiations ended without the signing of the agreement.