The Ministry of defense reported about the infiltration in Syria of terrorists from Turkey

With Turkey in the North-Eastern Syrian province of Latakia continue to arrive, the militants of the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra” (banned in Russia). This is stated in the information Bulletin of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, the proceedings of which are published on the website of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

It notes that data on penetration of the militants “Jabhat EN-Nusra”come from local residents and members of the militia.

The Bulletin also reported that during the day concluded a reconciliation agreement with the representatives of one municipality in the province of HOMS. Thus, the number of settlements that joined the reconciliation process, increased to 73. Negotiations on accession to the cessation of hostilities with the field commander of the armed opposition in the Damascus province. The number of armed groups that have declared their commitment to the adoption and implementation of conditions for the cessation of hostilities, remained unchanged — 52.

The cessation of hostilities was observed in most Syrian provinces. During the day, recorded 11 violations of the truce.

According to the Center for reconciliation, in the suburbs of Damascus groups claiming to be opposition groups “Falak ar-Rahman” fired at the sanatorium “Ibn al-Walid,” located in the district of Harasta El Basal and residential quarters of district Masked-Bursa. In Latakia province, the militants of the formation of “Ahrar al-sham fired mortars settlements Sandran, Beit Smaira and Masat-Omar, and in the city of Aleppo, their mortar fire was subjected to the residential quarter of Sheikh Maqsood. The formation of an opposition “Free Syrian Army” from jet systems of volley fire fired at settlements Kormos and Scalby in the province of HOMS.

The defense Ministry said that the Russian aerospace forces are not attacked by opposition armed groups, announced the cessation of hostilities and reported in the Russian or American centers of reconciliation of their location information.

The cease-fire acts in Syria since February 27. Agreement was reached with the involvement of Moscow and Washington. The truce does not apply to “Islamic state” and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” and other groups recognized by the UN security Council as terrorist.