The head of the state property of the Sverdlovsk region, was arrested on charges of corruption

The head of the Ministry for state property management of the Sverdlovsk region (MUGISO) Alexei Pyankova detained on charges of corruption, the Case involves the transmission of objects to the world Cup in 2018, told TASS on Tuesday, April 26, the press service of the Ministry.

“The Minister Pyankov detained after being questioned by the investigators,” — said the press service, noting that “no other information”.

Earlier Tuesday there were reports that the regional Ministry of state property management were searched that are associated with the transfer of objects to the world Cup. RIA Novosti, citing representative of the Ministry of property has transferred that searches are connected with the purchase of a building in the reconstruction of the stadium “arena Yekaterinburg”.

Also on Tuesday, the Investigative Committee (SKR) has informed on excitation of criminal case on the fact of bribery in the Ministry. The consequence considers that the heads of departments “through intermediaries bribes were transferred for a total amount of 31.5 million rubles for the overall protection and assistance in the purchase at inflated several times the cost of belonging to the giver of the property”. Case was opened under part 5 of article 291 of the criminal code (bribery in especially large size) and part 4 of article 291.1 of the criminal code (intermediation in bribery committed on an especially large scale).

In addition, the case was instituted against Director of GUP “Regulatory Directorate of Ministry of state property of Sverdlovsk region”, which, according to SK, “committed embezzlement in the amount of 55 million rubles”.

The portal citing an informed source reported that the searches took place in apartment of the Minister for state property management in Sverdlovsk region Pyankova.