Sister Prince said about the absence of a will the singer

American singer Prince did not leave a will, the Associated Press reports, citing a statement by his sisters Secretly Nelson.

Nelson appealed to the court of Minneapolis with a request to appoint an administrator of the estate of the Prince. According to her, there is an urgent need to take action to control the business assets of her late brother. Nelson wants administrator was appointed trust company Bremer Trust.

Taika Nelson — the only close relative who died at the age of 57 years of the artist, the size of the inheritance which while not precisely defined, the Agency said.

Prince Roger Nelson, known as Prince, was found dead in his Studio in Minnesota on April 21. The exact cause of death is still not called.

Within three days after the death of the singer the sales of his albums increased by almost 42000%. 26 APR albums The Very Best is Co Prince and Purple Rain are two top ranks in the Billboard-200.