Beaten against the Magnet of the visitor opened a case of theft

Against men, which, according to him, was beaten in the Metropolitan store, criminal case under item 158 of the criminal code (theft). This was reported on the website of the Moscow Department of internal Affairs.

The Ministry said that currently he is under house arrest.

The store security guard, who is suspected of the attack, attracted to criminal liability for deliberate causing of heavy harm to health men, against it criminal case on signs of structure of the crime provided by part 1 article 111 CCRF (intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm), and the measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave.

The incident occurred on April 21. In the police asked the supermarket employee, who reported that the supervisors of the store detained 37-the summer man on suspicion in theft of the product. Then the visitor was taken to the police station, where he complained of feeling unwell and was hospitalized. According to the suspect in the theft, he was beaten by a guard. As reported the source of “Interfax” in law enforcement, talking about the shop “Magnet”.