Get your free copy of the Solar Impulse 2 has crossed the Pacific ocean

The plane on solar batteries Solar Impulse 2 has landed in the U.S. after a three-day flight over the Pacific ocean. About it informs “bi-Bi-si”.

The plane flew over the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, to land in California. Last Thursday, the airliner flew from Hawaii where he repaired in the past nine months after being damaged by solar.

“I crossed the bridge. I’m officially in America,” said pilot Bertrand Piccard, when he flew over the Bay of San Francisco.


Solar Impulse 2 has started their journey from airport Abu Dhabi March 9, 2015. Pilots want to set the record for planes powered by solar panels. In early July of last year during a Solar Impulse flight from Japan to Hawaii was established several records: the duration and length overcome by the aircraft solar distance. The pilot covered the distance in 8 thousand miles in 118 hours. Also was broken the absolute record for the length of time aircraft in the sky without refill.

However, in mid-July, the pilots made the decision to suspend trip around the world because of damage to solar panels. For nine months the plane was under repair in Hawaii, however on 21 April this year Twitter project has appeared the message about the resumption of the lot.

On Solar Impulse 2 set 17 thousand solar panels that allow him to travel long distances. The wingspan reaches 72 meters, but the plane itself weighs 2.3 tons.