The President of Brazil has called the impeachment a coup attempt

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said that the launched process of impeachment has all the signs of a coup. She stated this to reporters after a speech at the UN, reports Reuters.

She also said that the impeachment has no legal grounds. The politician in his speech to the UN noted that her country faces a “serious situation”.

“I cannot conclude my statement without referring to the serious situation that is happening in Brazil. However, I have no doubt that our people are able to prevent any setbacks,” said Rousseff.

According to the Agency, the politician said that foreign leaders expressed solidarity against it.

On Monday it became known that most members of Congress voted for the removal of Rousseff. The final decision on impeachment will take the Senate, a vote which is expected in may. If Rousseff will be suspended from his post, her post is Vice-President Michel Temer.

Rousseff previously accused Temer in the conspiracy against her. He denies those charges. In comments to journalists, the politician said that the President’s speech was “adequate”, however, again asked to stop such attacks in his direction.

Rousseff is accused of violating tax laws and the manipulation of the state budget during his election campaign for the 2014 elections. In addition, she is involved in the investigation on corruption of the state oil and gas company Petrobras, which she headed from 2003 to 2010. The scandal also involved political allies of the President.

Peocedure of impeachment against Rousseff was launched in December last year. However, 60% of Brazilians, according to opinion polls, supported this idea.