“Fair Russia” has elected a new Chairman of the Board of the chamber of deputies of the party

Delegates to the Congress of the party “Fair Russia” has selected the new Chairman of the Board of the chamber of deputies of the party of Mikhail Bryachak, reports TASS.

This position was previously held by Nikolai Levichev, who in March of this year he went to work in the CEC. He, in turn, nominated to the Central control-revision Commission of the “Fair Russia”.

The day before sources in the party told Kommersant that the post Levicheva, stripped of some powers, can go to his Deputy Mikhail Bryachak. In the party Bryachak oversees the Crimea, he also holds the position of first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on transport and is a member of the Commission of the lower house for parliamentary ethics.

As the newspaper notes, care Levicheva as head of the Council of deputies of “Fair Russia” will actually be the end of “diarchy” in the party. In 2011 this position was created specifically to Sergey Mironov, while Levichev became the Chairman of the party. This decision was taken because Mironov wanted to retain the post of speaker of the Federation Council, which in the end still was fired. In October 2013 at the next party Congress Mironov and Levichev is again reversed. It happened a month after the election of the mayor of the capital, which Levichev, as a candidate, scored 2,79% of the vote.