The U.S. acknowledged the deaths of civilians because of their airstrikes in Syria and Iraq

20 civilians killed in recent months in Syria and Iraq as a result of airstrikes of the international coalition led by the United States. Reported by ABC, with reference to the Central command of the armed forces of the United States.

We are talking about the period from September 10 2015 until 2nd February 2016, which was committed nine attacks. During this time, another 11 people were injured.

Six strokes were inflicted in Syria and three in Iraq. Did both drones and manned aircraft. In all cases, wounding or killing civilians were deemed unintentional, the result of attacks on legitimate targets. The death of the largest number of people has led airstrike 5 October 2015, the positions of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) in Iraq then were killed eight civilians.

Since the beginning of the campaign in Syria and Iraq in 2014, the United States acknowledged the death of peaceful citizen 41, notes ABC.

The U.S.-led coalition of over 50 countries. On 30 September last year of an air operation in Syria, Russia has also started. However, in March, President Vladimir Putin has ordered the withdrawal of the main part of the troops from Syria. He noted that the defense Ministry set before task is executed.