The state Duma adopted the law on the free distribution of land in the far East

The state Duma in the second and final third reading adopted the law on free provision of land to the Russians in the far East, reports “RIA Novosti”.

The document assumes that every citizen can receive free in the far East one hectare of land which is in state or municipal ownership. The site will be provided free of use for five years, after which it will be possible either to arrange to rent or to own. If the land will not be used, it can be deleted.

The document does not allow the sale received free parcels of their lease or uncompensated use in cases when one of the parties is a foreigner, a stateless person or a legal entity in the Charter capital of which is their share or the share of foreign companies.

The idea of land distribution in the far East was supported by President Vladimir Putin, in November, the Cabinet made a bill in the state Duma. At the end of last year, the document was adopted in the first reading.