The Central Bank spoke about continuing to work in banks “the Bakers”

Leaders of several commercial banks and in 2015 continued not to take into account the balances taken from the public deposits and to use other illegal schemes previously used in the Master-Bank. About this informed the head of the main Department of the Bank of Russia for the Central Federal district Olga Polyakova.

“Unfortunately, we see: “Bakers” still has not outlived its usefulness [Boris Baker is a former Chairman of the Board of Master Bank, in April 2016 in absentia arrested by the Tver court of Moscow — RBC]. And we see in some credit organizations that there are deposits taken from the population, and they are not accounted for in the balance sheets of banks,” said Polyakova (quoted by RNS).

The representative of the Bank of Russia explained that in 22 deprived of their licenses in 2015 banks, the employees of the Central Bank appointed a temporary administration of credit institutions, faced with attempts to obstruct their work.

“We thought that this time it should sink into Oblivion, but nevertheless there are such a credit institution, or rather credit were organizations that were doing that confirms the validity of our solutions”, — said Polyakov.

In may 2015 the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia declared excitation of criminal case upon deliberate bankruptcy of OJSC “Master-Bank” who lost his license in the fall of 2013. According to investigators, the cause of the financial collapse of the credit organization became illegal actions of its former management, to give knowingly bad loans. In April 2016 the Tver court of Moscow has informed on the correspondence arrest of the former Chairman of the Board of Master Bank, Boris Baker, who is accused of deliberate bankruptcy of the credit institution.