The Prosecutor’s office brought representation to the mayor of Omsk after the direct line with Putin

The Prosecutor’s office of Omsk made to the mayor representation in connection with the irregularities in the maintenance of roads. This was reported on the website of the Prosecutor’s office of Omsk region.

We are talking about defects that have appeared after the “rich” melting snow. “A significant number of traffic accidents occurred due to the collisions with the obstacles (potholes and other damage to roadway)”, — said the Prosecutor’s office. In addition, as found out office, Omsk budgetary institution “Department of road Management and improvement” used for winter road maintenance sand, “does not meet the requirements for deicing materials and the competitive documentation”.

The theme of Omsk roads rose in the beginning “the Direct line” with President Vladimir Putin. Townswoman Catherine with a mobile device showed the look of the road in the center of Omsk, complained of their condition and asked to put them in order for the 300th anniversary of the city.

Putin in response said about the growing problem of roads. “I believe that, of course, will need to “paint” the money allocated for the road Fund”, — said the head of state. The President noted that the money from the road funds often are spent in an inappropriate way, and set the target to the 300 anniversary of Omsk to lead the road in order.

After the “Straight line” officials promised to renovate in the town 21 road. In particular, the mayor Vyacheslav Dvorakovsky told TASS that the Bohdan Khmelnytsky street, where there was a girl, the question asked, will be renovated by summer. However, the local media wrote that the decision to repair the highway 21 was taken in mid-March. Vice-mayor of the city Sergey Frolov said that for these purposes will allocate not less than 680 million rubles.