Pamfilova admitted his resignation with “abnormal” elections

The Chairman of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova said she was ready to resign if her if she did not get to spend “normal” election in 2016. She stated this on air of the program “with Own eyes” the radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

Leading Pamfilova recalled that her predecessor on a post of the head of CEC Vladimir Churov “at the time, promised to shave off his beard if the elections are not honest.” He said, “If “panfilovskoe” the elections in 2016 will be honest… are you going to do, what sacrifices are you ready to go?”.

“I aim to ensure that the elections were held normally. It happens, it happens,” replied Papilova. To the question, in which case you are ready to retire, Papilova said, “If it doesn’t work”.

However, she explained that to evaluate the result of her efforts will primarily be herself, public opinion, power. “If all unanimously come to the opinion that… a Person must evaluate their actions and be able to leave. Here to go away I know <…> For me the main criterion that was not shameful,” she concluded.

On Wednesday, 20 April, the CEC members unanimously voted for the draft resolution, which obliges territorial Commission of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region “immediately cancel” the elections of deputies of the village of Barvikha.

Earlier Pamfilova met representatives of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny, who told about violations during early voting. In protest, four candidates on April 19, withdrew from the elections.