Deputy Director “pjaterochki” has become involved in case of conflict with the pensioner

Involved in the case of arbitrariness, which was hospitalized the 89-year-old pensioner, Maria Proselytise — Deputy Director of “Pyaterochka” shop, where the conflict occurred. This was reported on the official website of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

According to investigators, the day before in St. Petersburg, another defendant in the case — the guard of Ikromjon Abijanov and Proselytise suspected of stealing pensioner. They decided to spend personal inspection. Abijanov grabbed the woman by the hands, and the Deputy Director of the store withdrew from it a package with products.

Then, according to the materials of the criminal case, Proselyting grabbed the pensioner by the arm outside the shop. As a result, the woman fell to the ground and was hospitalized with the diagnosis “the closed fracture of the left femur”.

In the investigation of criminal case it is established that the citizen of Uzbekistan Abijanov does not have permission to security services, in addition, he worked without the required registration. Now the issue on election Abijanov and Proselyting restraint and indictment.

In a press-service X5 Retail Group yesterday announced that, according to the company, the visitor fell on the exit of the store and sprained his ankle, for which she was hospitalized. The spokesperson explained that the inspection was conducted into the incident. The guard was suspended from work.

A similar case occurred in February of 2015. Then between the security guard of shop “the Magnet” and an elderly woman, survived the blockade, the conflict occurred. She was suspected of stealing three packs of butter. The pensioner was later taken to the police station, where she died.