VKontakte has denied the existence of “holes” for the leak of users ‘ documents

Social network “Vkontakte” disproved information that it supposedly can get access to personal documents of users. About it RBC said a spokesman for the social network Yevhen Krasnikov.

“We deny the presence of holes, vulnerabilities and other loopholes for leakage of personal data of users in social networks,” he said.

“All the files that are loaded by users “Vkontakte” through the service Documents, by default, marked as “private”, i.e. not displayed in the search results. This is a fundamental point, because the safety of our users and their data is always placed at the head of the corner”, — said the representative of “Vkontakte”.

He noted that if desired, the user can change the privacy of the uploaded documents by selecting the desired access level. “Aspiring writers, for example, can make your books available to all, to introduce their work to hundreds of millions of users “Vkontakte”, — gave the example of Krasnikov.

Previously the user “Vkontakte” – the programmer Anton told the publication LIFE78 that the option “search for documents” allegedly provides all interested persons personal documents of other users, for example, scans of passports, tax and driving licences as well as files with lists of usernames and passwords from various services. To the material were also attached screenshots of personal documents, including passports, which the programmer allegedly failed to detect.