The Finance Ministry announced the request of Kiev twice to postpone the hearing on the debt at $3 billion

Ukraine was twice asked London’s High court to delay hearings on the matter of recovery cases with debt of Ukraine at $3 billion. this was announced to journalists by the Deputy Russian Finance Minister Sergei Storchak, reports TASS.

“Once we agreed to the postponement of hearings – Ukraine asked, we went to meet him. The second time we did not give consent. The court must decide for itself,” – said Storchak.

Answering the question whether hearings are to be public, the Deputy Minister said that this will happen in the event if Ukraine will not ask for return.

“We’re not going to shut them down. One of the parties may request to make the hearings non-public, but here at the discretion of the judge”, – said Storchak.

Ukraine had to pay Russia loan of $3 billion in December 2015. These funds Kiev received at the end of 2013 – even during the time of presidency of Viktor Yanukovych. The new Ukrainian government refused to repay this debt in full and demanded Russia to restructure and partial write-offs and noted that Moscow will not receive the special conditions that differ from agreements with other creditors.

In December 2015 the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced a moratorium on the payment of Russian debt. Last week, Parliament has taken this moratorium is indefinite.

In February 2016, Russia filed a lawsuit on debt recovery in London’s High court.