Who claim to Putin, the judge resigned

The judge of the Saratov arbitration judge Tatsiana search for means of expression, which in early April accepted petition to the city of Balakovo to Russian President Vladimir Putin, resigned. Stated communication after the meeting qualification Board of judges of the Saratov region.

The document stated that the statement of Leskino on the termination of its powers in accordance with Nos. 1 section 1 of article 14 of the RF Law “On status of judges in the Russian Federation” was accepted on April 15. In a conversation with RBC, the representative of the qualifying Board, responded on its official the phone, explained that we are talking about the resignation of judge on their own. In this companion did not answer the question of when the application was submitted to Leskino.

Resident Balakovo appealed to the court “on the dismissal of V. Putin from his post as an enemy of the people, the friend of oligarchs and officials, the looting of Russia and the impoverishment of the Russian people, for razbogatel officials, bankers, billionaires-robbers” on 11 March this year, but first arbitration left him without movement.

In April, after having been fixed which prevented the movement statement of the circumstances of the claim Putin was accepted. A preliminary hearing presided over by judge Lescinel was scheduled for April 28. But April 7, the Tribunal discontinued the proceedings in the statement of claim. The court referred to Chapter 4 of the Constitution, according to which the President is empowered, which is his prerogative, therefore, the courts “may not interfere in its activities”. In addition, the decision stated that the President enjoys immunity, while conducting arbitration of the case are connected with entrepreneurial and other economic activities.