The German authorities will start an investigation against Erdogan wyspianskiego comedian

The German authorities authorized the opening of an investigation against comedian Ian Beuermann, in a satirical clip wyspianskiego Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. About it reports Reuters referring to the statement of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He said that the German authorities accepted the request of Turkey, who demanded prosecution of Beermann. In accordance with the criminal code of Germany, the Prosecutor’s office may bring charges against the comedian, who is accused of insulting a foreign leader, only after obtaining the permission of the government, the Agency said.

The Chancellor said that among the coalition partners, the conservatives and the social Democrats, there was disagreement on this issue. “The result is that the German government would allow in this case”, she concluded.

Mercaldi also said that Germany will repeal the section of the penal code criminalize оскорблени6 foreign leaders, adds bi-Bi-si.

March 17 broadcast of the German television channel ARD released a two-minute satirical movie about Erdogan, shot by broadcaster NDR. In the video, in particular, stated that “he lives in a big way, the owner of the Bosphorus” and also the attacks on the independent press in Turkey.

After that, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkey summoned the German Ambassador. Berlin and the EU condemned the action of Ankara. April 12, Erdogan filed a lawsuit against the comedian.