Adviser to the President on the Internet has earned in 2015, 6.3 million rubles.

Adviser to the President on the Internet Herman Klimenko first reported on the income: he earned 6,3 million rubles in 2015, follows from published on Friday, April 15, of the Declaration on the income of employees of the presidential administration.

Owned Klimenko are three areas of land (total area of nearly 365 thousand sq m), apartment (35,7 sq. m), four buildings (a total area of 921 sq. m), dining room, Laundry, gate-house and a cellar.

Spouse Klimenko reported income of 116 thousand roubles, owns land and three apartments. Children of the presidential adviser owns more than one apartment. Climena as written in the Declaration, owns the car “Dodge Durango” and his wife — “Mitsubishi Outlander”.

The offer to become adviser to the President on the Internet Klymenko received from Vladimir Putin on 22 December 2015 at a meeting with representatives of the IT sector.

Before to arrive on service in the administration of the President Klimenko was engaged in business in various spheres of the Internet, audit and legal services, advertising, medicine, real estate and media business, wrote RBC. At the moment Klimenko is not the owner of these assets, he reissued them for his son, although not excluded, in a conversation with RBC that can sell if the “find buyers”. In January 2016, the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that Klimenko also had to do with the torrent tracker Later Klimenko stated that this asset is owned by his son.